Permawick Bearing Cartridge
Now there's a lower cost alternative to ball bearings
Permawick Bearing Cartridge or PBC
is the first of its kind. The self-contained component combines the quality and the performance of a ball bearing with the economy of a sleeve bearing. Made possible by the development of a superior aluminum alloy and special lubricant, the PBC is designed for use in all rotary devices- including motors, blowers, appliances, and pumps!
How the PBC works:
Oil is drawn from the Permawick reservois to the shaft, through the felt contactor.

Shaft rotation under load generates a supporting hydrodynamic film in the journal.

Oil is forced by the fulm pressure to the ends of the bearing and lubricates the thrust face.

Oil leaves the thrust face and is thrown by the slinger into Permawick in oil-retaining cups an re-absorbed by the Permawick in the main reservoir.