High Performance Sintered Bearing Lubricant
is a plastic-like lubricant in gel form specifically developed to lubricate sintered bearings in fractional horsepower motors. PermaGel greatly extends bearing service life in a wide variety of FHP motor applications and is useful as a backup oil reservoir to ensure against partially impregnated or dry bearings.
Why PermaGel?
PermaGel is dispensed like grease around the outer diameter of the sintered bearing using inexpensive applicators. Unlike grease, the gel provides a much greater reservoir of oil. Approximately 50% of the oil is available for lubricating the bearing. PermaGel is thermally stable. It does not leak, shift or separate and requires no reservoir in the endshield assembly.
PermaGel is a blend of formulated bearing oil and thickening additives. PermaGel releases its oil through the capillary pull of the sintered bearing on an as-needed basis. The added oil storage and controlled release rate to the bearing greatly extend bearing service life.
Typical applications will double their motor life using a small amount of PermaGel in contact with the bearing. Oil flow through the pores of the sintered bearing is restricted with PermaGel, so oil leakage out the shaft is reduced. In many cases, oil slingers and catchers can be eliminated, simplifying design and reducing cost.