About the Permawick Company

The Permawick Company is an ISO9001 certified manufacturer of premium specialty lubricants, fluid reservoir material and specialty lubrication systems. The Permawick Company is privately owned and has been in operation since 1956. Corporate headquarters are in Birmingham, Michigan with manufacturing facilities in Michigan and Indiana Permawick supports its customers with an in-house staff of sales professionals, engineers and chemists. We also employ a network of international agents. Warehouse distribution facilities are located in Japan, China, Brazil, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, India, the Philippines and Italy.

All Permawick products and systems are custom designed for long life and superior performance in a wide range of applications. Permawick's research and development engineers are constantly designing and testing new products for existing applications as well as support for innovative technologies and lubrication / reservoir needs around the world. As a service to our customers, Permawick also provides equipment to help inject the precise amount of reservoir material needed for a customer's application. Our injection machines can also be designed to assemble related parts and can be integrated into a customer's assembly line for high volume production.

Contact a Permawick Sales Engineer for more information on our product line and how we can service your bearing lubrication requirements.